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There are presently almost 500,000 children needing Foster Care in America. The Pandemic has hurt families in ways that we will never know. There have been more cases of abuse since the pandemic began, than ever before.

Kokoon on a Hill helps you understand that the Rewards of fostering out weigh the trials that you go through caring for the children that need you..

Every child deserves and desires to have a stable and secure family, with a place they can call home.


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My Story

Elise M Schuster is an author, an advocate for foster families, and a speaker for kids in care. She believes foster families should be heard, validated for all they do, and granted rights to speak for the children they spend so much time with. Elise shares ways to bridge the gap between all team members involved in the care of children. Through trials and triumphs, she has learned many skills to work with the system and achieve positive results. Elise uses her years of experience as a mom of two birth children, nine adopted children, and forty-nine children in care to help others understand being a foster parent is an honor and an amazing call to serve. Her passion is to help others embrace the idea of fostering and make a difference in the life of children that need them.

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First National Bank
2258 E. Main Street
Cortez, Colorado 81321

Elise is the founder & creator of Hammocks4Healing / Kokoon4Kdz, a company she started to produce hammocks for children who have experienced abused, trauma, or any other pain. Her goal is to provide a tangible Kokoon (cocoon) for children, a space to wrap up when they need to feel safe and secure.

Cortez Journal Press Release

in the December 17, 2021 issue


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Thursday Morning November 04 Interview

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